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It all  starts in 2015, when we, the founders, people from a variety of backgrounds  decided to create a product that would be Georgian, delicious, convenient and a satisfying snack. And what could be better than healthy local Dried Fruit, packed and ready to use.

In the first stage two things were very important: to find a place with fertile soil  for the fruit garden development and to have a professional and loyal team of locals. After a long  searche, it was decided that this would be a village, Samtsevrisi, the last village of Kareli municipality. The inscription on the village fortress wall that dates back to the seventh century tells us  that the first irrigation channel was made at this time. All this is proof that agriculture has been developed in this place more than 13 centuries ago. For centuries monks and residents of the monastery have been preparing dried fruits. Historically in time of war, it was easy to use and store dried fruit and this product became a gastronomic symbol for the village Samtsevrisi.


Most of the rural population was involved in the production process. In addition, the land is characterized by local apple, plum or other fruits that have a special taste.

Sadly, the production of dry fruits was lost for years, and the population was less likely to be in agriculture. Our idea was a surprise for locals in the first days of our visit to the village.

In conjunction with the construction of a fruit garden, we built a company. A big part of which are people who have long wanted to create something important. We are happy that our enterprise has this meaning for the village. More than fifty people are employed by Kareli Fruits, almost one member of every family living in the village, most of them are women which, and this is twice as exciting as it overcomes gender stigma.


Together we managed to get back to the centuries-old tradition of dried fruit production!

We are Kareli Fruits. The company that is delivering the products that are as real and as natural as possible without unnecessary additions. From the Georgian fruit garden to the supermarket shelves – Kareli Fruits.

We hope you'll enjoy them... just like we have, and still do!

Samtsevrisi Fortress
We process raw, natural meterials
from only local farmers
Local farmers working in apple orchard


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